Bryce Canyon In Snow, and Where We Live

I’ve been thinking about our physical location recently. We have moved perhaps five times in the last seven years. All of the moves happened in and around Boston, where my husband and I met, went to college, married, and thought we would move away from as soon as we were done with school. Instead, we found jobs, had a kid, bought a house, and kinda stayed because we were already here, but partially because we really do enjoy living here. But, if we could live anywhere, where would we live?

What amenities would we live close to? Public transportation. Public playground. A city, a REAL city.

Who would we move to be closer to? Family (though still far if we stay in the US). Friends. Perhaps the ones we traveled across the country to meet with last Thanksgiving.

What weather would you pick? Not too hot in the summer, not too many blizzards in the winter (I’m talking about you Boston).

What about food and cost of living? Yes, these are important factors. Access to an Asian supermarket is a must and we need to be able to afford daycare for Adam.

A country other than the USA perhaps? Not in the next few years.

Throughout these conversations I’ve realized how many of our friends in Boston we have only known a short while (many after moving to our latest location just less than a year ago), and how many of our close friends have moved away. With our son, I am painfully aware of how far away we live from all of our family. My dad traveled around the world to get here, and I have missed him since he left. Our last few days together were peppered with sentences that started with, “the next time you see Adam, he will be out of diapers/be able to speak full sentences…”

We visited Portland, OR for a day and spent most of it a Powell’s Bookstore. We are thinking of spending some time this winter in Austin. We’re happy living in Boston for now, but it is only still September.


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