Good Deals

Here are a few things that I’m glad to have found along the way.

  • Wondfo Pregnancy Tests: I don’t like things that are packaged in more plastic than necessary for no particular reason. Pregnancy tests do not need to be 6 inches long or have plastic covers. 20 of these Q-tip-sized individually-wrapped tests fit in a small padded envelope  — $11.99 for 20 test strips makes these as cheap as condoms (
  • UTI test strips: Take a test if you suspect a UTI and save yourself the copay and a trip to the PCP if it is negative. — $12.25 for 50 test strips (
  • Menstrual cups: $20-$40 each and they last forever
  • Public Library Online Book Request and Ebook Request: I am so happy I can get any book I want for FREE through my public library in physical for or ebook format to read on my iPhone.
  • Online coupon codes: Before I hit checkout at an online store I do a quick search for “StoreName Coupon” and often find coupons for 10% off or free shipping.
  • Dr. Bronners Castile Soap: My favorite use for this liquid soap is as a refill for foaming soap dispensers (mix 1 tablespoon of soap with 1 cup of water in a foaming soap dispenser). Someone did the math and it comes out to $0.21 per refill. Again, I hate buying extra plastic that contains mostly water, so this is a win-win. (
  • 16 Bean Soup: Grocery stores sell packages of dried 16-bean mixes. Soak and then boil with whatever aromatics you have on hand (garlic, onion, or bell pepper), season, and then serve. Make it guest-worthy with a container of feta and olives and crusty bread.

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