Tokyo Thoughts

A few things we noticed on our recent trip to Tokyo:

– There are very few trash cans and when they appear, there are at least three groupings (bottles/cans, flammable, and non-flammable). Things are very clean.

– People do not eat in the street, or on the subways, or on the road. Even many 7-11 stores have an area to sit and eat.

– I wish I had taken a photo to remember the man whose job was to rake the path at the Meiji Jingu shrine. He had a flat wooden rake about two feet wide and he was going back and forth on the path. I think that I might classify that as my worst nightmare as a job, but I doubt he shares that feeling with me.

– Although we know Tokyo for the flashy lights and bullet trains, there are many many old cars (particularly well-kept Toyota Crown taxis), and old-looking apartment buildings.

– We still can’t makes sense of their address system

– Not very many skyscrapers; this is due to the earthquakes, but their cities spread far and wide. And as a sub-point, their subway system includes at least 12 different lines.

A few things we noticed ourselves doing upon our return:

– Walking on the left side instead of on the right

– Bowing a lot

– Craving Japanese food


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